COVID-19 freeze-dried vaccine that can eliminate the need for cold supply chain possible.

OSAKA, JAPAN March XX, 2021 — Amid a warlike effort around the globe for the development, production, and ultra-cold shipment of COVID-19 vaccines, Morimoto-Pharma, a Japanese company that has technology to freeze dry injectable drugs, is offering a solution. They believe their technology will also work for COVID-19 vaccines. Cold supply chains create a logistical headache and make it more difficult to inoculate people, especially in tropical, remote locations. A powdered freeze-dried vaccine that can be handled, stored, and shipped at room temperature would be a welcome sight. 

“We patented the continuous spray freeze-drying equipment and method last October without having vaccines specifically in mind. However, due to the strict cold chain requirements, there is a lot of interest in a COVID-19 freeze-dried vaccine. There have been incidents of freezer malfunctions forcing vaccine to be discarded instead of going to patients. We hope to prevent that,” President Shuji Morimoto said.

The name of their new equipment is the Morimoto-Lyopho TM. Inside, a solution is sprayed from nozzles located at the top and then is frozen into a snow-like powder as it falls. The frozen powder is then automatically transferred into a horizontal vacuum rotary dryer. Temperatures of individual sections of the dryer are monitored and controlled in real-time so that a high-quality dry powder formulation is produced. The powder then must be filled into vials under sterile conditions. Unlike typical shelf style freeze-drying, which is a batch process, the Morimoto process is continuous. 

 “Compared to the conventional batch freeze-drying of vials, the production capacity is approximately ten times greater. Using our technology, it would be possible to build a two or three production-line factory and produce hundreds of millions of doses per year”, President Morimoto said. 

Morimoto Pharma is hoping to contribute by supplying powdered COVID-19 vaccines to people worldwide. They are working with domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies to further develop their technology.

Morimoto Pharma believes in innovation in design to improve the safety and administration of medication.


Adam Jakob
Morimoto Pharma