Project Movie “e-Jelly neo”

Swallowing support jelly for medicine “e-Jelly neo”

By using delicious jelly medicine can be taken very easily. Introducing Morimoto-Pharma’s e-Jelly.

Features of e-Jelly

  • Recommended for those who have difficulty taking medicine.
  • Sealed and hygienic.
  • Medicine-support jelly that allows taking medicine without water.
  • The firmness can be softened by kneading the package before opening it.

No water separation and staying together as one lump are key features

Normal jelly has high water separation

e-Jelly has low water separation

e-Jelly aids medicine taking in a variety of situations!

The jelly completely envelops the medicine so it can easily be swallowed without feeling any discomfort.

Useful for many medicine types, from tablets and capsules to granules and powders.

Medicines can be taken without crushing.

Crushing medicines can reduce their efficacy!

Compact and easy to carry. Does not require water. Easy to use on the go.

The 3-year shelf life (excluding certain products) and compact size make them ideal for disaster prevention kits.


More information

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